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      Do! said the young fellow. Therell be a fearful crush, for Miss Chetwynde will be a great attraction; but I dare say we can fight our way in.Mme. de Genlis was received with affection by her old pupils, and had a pension from them during the rest of her life.

      Is she so very pretty? she asked, with keen interest.

      His plan succeeded perfectly. He was soon well known to the police as an ex-noble driven mad by the death of his wife, and being considered harmless, was allowed to go where he pleased unmolested.

      "Tell her that I have set my heart upon seeing her married," said Isola, in a low voice.

      "Yes, dearest, all is calm now."

      For with care and good management she contrived to live simply, but quite comfortably. Not that farming or life in the depth of the country were at all her fancy; no, what she liked was a town and a salon frequented by clever, amusing people of the world whose conversation she could enjoy. But she knew well enough that if she settled in a town and had a salon, before very long she would be nearly ruined, whereas at her farm she found no difficulty in supporting herself and those dependent upon her, and helping many others besides.



      I dont know in the least what you mean, she said. It sounds very funny.