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      She neither moved nor spoke, but waited for the end.

      Yes, he said; very hot.See here, he said, theres no need for fighting unless youre spoiling for it. We mean to search the camp, every inch of it; well do it quietly, if you like, but we shall do it.[297] The first man who hinders us will pay the penalty. You know me!

      So I see, he remarked, dryly. Where is he?She is a block of wooda stone! she murmured. You will have hard work to secure her. You will never do it, meeting her only in places like this. Take them for a drive to-morrow. Get her alone with you.

      Varleys lips moved for a second without sound, then he[294] pointed, without looking at it, to a mans cap lying on the floor.

      "Why should you go back? You will be home sooner with my horse than with the screw that brought you."Esmeralda thought her question over before replying.


      I might have gone and done this thing, he went on, without saying a word to you; but that, too, would have seemed to me dishonorable. So I come to you, Ada, and I tell you frankly how it stands with me. I have come to say good-bye. We shall meet again, often, I trust, for I could not bear to think that you were going to pass out of my life altogether. We shall meet as friendsthe truest friendsbut I shall never be able to speak a word of love to you. I must not even convey it by a glance or a touch.



      I am going to get well quite quickly now, dear, andshe added, mother-likeI dont like to think of your being shut up here in this dull place. Yes; go, Norman!