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      [319]Marie AntoinetteBirth of Mme. Le Bruns daughterThe Royal FamilyBrusselsAntwerpThe charms of French societyThe Opera ballAn incident in the TerrorA Greek supperLe jeu de la Reine.

      "Mr. Trubie," said he, turning round, with the open phial in his hand, "did your friend ever say anything to you, that indicated a disposition to suicide?"

      Lisette painted the two Princesses and the Prince Royal before returning to Rome, where she had no sooner arrived than she had to go back to Naples to paint the Queen.Strasbourg began to echo with the fame of this foreign count. But the next morning, Thursday, August 25, as Marshal Broglio was walking on the Esplanade, a soldier, who had formerly201 been in the regiment of the Crown Prince at Potsdam, and who knew the Crown Prince perfectly, having seen him hundreds of times, but who had deserted and entered the French service, came to the marshal, with much bowing and embarrassment, and assured him that Count Dufour was no less than the King of Prussia.


      Very different was the letter of M. de Sillery. He, at any rate, if he had been wrong and mistaken, was ready and willing to pay the penalty.Lifes labor done, securely laid In this, their last retreat: Unheeded oer their silent dust The storms of life shall beat.


      At first all went on prosperously. The Marquis de Fontenay did not belong to the haute noblesse, but his position amongst the noblesse de robe was good, and his fortune was at any rate sufficient to enable Trzia to entertain lavishly, and to give [272] ftes which caused a sensation even at Paris, while her beauty became every day more renowned.


      Capital letter A