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      I find Marvor after the fighting, once only, and I ask him what it is that is so important about this fighting. The Confederationthe masters we now haveare only masters like the ones we know. Marvor looks at me with a look as if he, too, is a master.

      "So I see," said the Deacon. "Wisht I'd had a handful of your authority yesterday."

      "Why," Gid Mackall complained to the rest of them, "Corpril Elliott said that we could begin to look out for guerrillas jest as soon's we crossed the Ohiothat the whole o' Kentucky was full of 'em. I believe Corpril Elliott knows more about his business than Sargint Klegg. Sargint Klegg seems careless like. I see lots o' fellers along the road in butternut clothes that seemed savage and sneaky like. They looked at us in a way that made me certain they wuz spying us, and had their guns hid away somewhere, ready to jump us whenever there wuz a good chanst.""Git a bushel basket, and gather 'em up in it."

      "What's the matter, my darling? Come to mother, little Miss Fanny. Oh, I know something's wrong with her, or she wouldn't cry so. She's got such a sweet temper really."


      'arabella Curled Her Lip at Seeing Maria Take the Baby.' 87



      "The Colonel, Maria. The Colonel commands the whole regiment. Won't you never know the difference? A Colonel's much higher than a Corporal. You girls never will learn nothin'.""They w?an't have him to fiddle, I reckon," said Realf.