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      Hugh considered this as he helped himself.

      Suddenly he heard a knock at the door, and before he could answer, it flew open, and the icy blast, laden with snow, rushed in, and whirled round the hut, fluttering the pages of Lilly's grammar and the fleece of the lamb."I've left this farm to William," continued Reuben, "because I've naun else to leave it to that I can see. All my children have forsook me; but maybe this boy 'ud be better than they."

      For a moment he stood in front of it, while the icy wind swept into the room. Then he dashed back to Reuben's chair.

      "What motive have I to plot against Holgrave?" asked Calverley.

      "O, I dare say she is," replied the baroness, and immediately changed the conversation.During the rest of the day it was the sameshe moved in a kind of exalted dream. The most common objects thrilled her, and gave her unexpected tokens of divinity. Her work was consuming, her leisure beatific. The children loved her, for that day she could do what she had never done properly to their mind, and that isplay; while with Harry, dribbling and muttering, she was tender, as no one but Naomi had been.



      Reuben, still proud and sore, stood aloof from local jollitiesbesides, he had heard that there were to be some cheap milkers for sale at Cranbrook Fair, and he was anxious to add a little to his dairy stock. Though a large milk-round was out of the question, the compensation money he had received from Government would allow him to carry on a small dairy business, as in humbler days. Of course, the fact that he had lost over sixty cows from foot-and-mouth disease would materially damage his prospects even in a limited sphere, but a farm which let its dairy rot was doomed to failure, and Reuben was still untamed by experience, and hoped much from small beginnings.


      And called us from darkness